Business consultancy

In the field of business consultancy, we attach great importance to examining the full spectrum of potential optimization measures and filtering out those alternatives that would provide the greatest benefit to your company. We identify all problem areas and list them in order of priority.

Furthermore, our team provides you with comprehensive advice on all matters that are of importance for your economic success. Together with you, we develop a long-term strategy that allows you to make fundamental business decisions that are well-founded and successful.

Financial planning, for example, is of central importance for any company: sufficient liquidity must be ensured at all costs. We give you professional advice with respect to setting up and putting into practice an earnings- and financing plan. Thanks to their extensive experience, our experts can also precisely calculate your liquidity so that you have a complete overview of you company's economic situation at all times.

Another tried and tested business consultancy tool is the target/performance analysis, which entails first projecting your key figures and then comparing them to actual data on a regular basis. This allows us to identify and rectify undesirable developments early on.

We also assess the legal entity you selected for your business endeavor and point out the alternatives that grant you a fiscal and legal benefit. By incorporating our attorney partners, we can offer you a 360-degree consultancy service that leaves no question unanswered.

Whether you are planning to found a Limited in the United Kingdom, take up employment abroad, found a subsidiary or a business premises in Germany or relocate the head office: our tax consultancy as well as the legal advice provided by our attorney partners can support you in any international matter.