Tax consultancy

In the field of tax consultancy, we offer all services that you need to operate your business in a fiscally correct manner and with a low tax burden. Our experts are skilled in the entire spectrum of classical tax consultancy: we generate your annual financial statements, file your tax returns, take care of your accounting, issue pay slips and salary statements, and plan budgets.

Moreover, we are your professional partner for all queries regarding tax structuring advice. We will help you make your business sustainable and fit for the future on the long term.

We help you optimize your business by assessing the fiscal consequences of certain decisions regarding company or personal assets, and identify the tax strategy that suits you best. This shows you how you can optimize your tax burden and highlights the available benefits as well as the alternatives to your current legal entity. You can also rely on our support with respect to fiscal audits.

If you are planning to change the legal entity of your company, we will work with you to identify the benefits and drawbacks of such a transition from the point of view of tax law. If you decide to go through with such a transition, we will help you put your plan into practice and provide support for all related tasks: we will draw up articles of association and draft conversion plans and reports. We will also make the necessary arrangements and appointments with the notary, the register court and other institutions such as trade associations. If you would like to profit from our many years of experience in this field, simply contact us anytime to arrange for a non-binding first appointment.

If your business plans involve more than one country and/or if you have any queries regarding foreign tax law, our experts in international tax consultancy are there to help. To name just one example: we will help supervise the Limited you founded in the United Kingdom and give you comprehensive advice on this topic. We are also your point of contact if you are an English-speaking entrepreneur planning to operate on the German market.

Our experts will identify the legal entity that offers the best solution for your business endeavor and help you set it up. If you are an English-speaking, self-employed entrepreneur wishing to work in Germany, we will clarify your personal status according to the German tax and social security systems, and assist you in fulfilling your fiscal obligations.