Tax structuring advice

In order to identify the best fiscal option for your company, it is advisable to first think through the tax law-related consequences of any decisions regarding company- and personal assets. You should ask yourself the following main question: What fiscal consequences do each of the impending decisions entail? It is worthwhile weighing up all personal, economic and legal characteristics, because this strategy will form the long-term foundation for a business that is fit for the future.

We provide advice regarding tax benefits, assist you in evaluating your decisions with respect to tax-related aspects, help you develop a strategic plan to lower your tax burden, and compile tax burden comparisons.

Comparing different tax burdens indicates whether it might be beneficial to change the legal entity structure of your company. In the case of some businesses, it is advisable to switch to a different legal entity in order to benefit from fiscal advantages - another topic on which we can provide comprehensive advice. If you are planning to split or lease your business, we will help you develop the plan and put it into practice. In light of the numerous options available for optimizing a business, we make sure that each and every measure is custom-tailored to you and your business.

If the tax authorities inform you that they will be performing a fiscal audit, we will stand by your company's side. We will help you prepare for the fiscal audit and will be on site for the entire duration of the audit, if requested.

The size of your business is largely irrelevant when it comes to employing our business optimization services. After all, even a one-man company needs to be aware of how business-related decisions affect the tax burden. Our service shows you the options and alternatives that are available to you, so that you can be sure that your business is always in the strongest possible position.