Financial planning

Financial planning that is continuously adapted to the current circumstances is of utmost importance to any company's survival. Without such planning, there is a risk of bankruptcy due to immediate insolvency, especially in economically difficult times. Studies have shown that small and mid-sized companies with less than 50 employees often tend to neglect this vital issue. Based on many years of experience in the field, we can only confirm this finding.

While the managing director of a company may be an expert in his or her respective field, they usually have little or no expertise with regard to taxes. Especially small businesses feel that hiring such a specialist is an excessive measure. However, the potential damage caused by insufficient financial planning is far higher than the fee of a tax expert who carries out sound financial planning.

When it comes to setting up and putting into practice an earnings- and financing plan, our experts will give you practical advice tailored to your specific needs. We focus not only on the business itself, but also on the entrepreneur. If the situation is rather tense with regard to the company's results and liquidity, detailed cost control is of particular importance.

Based in a detailed evaluation of all of your company's key figures, we develop tax instruments that allow you to minimize costs and increase scopes for action. This is always a sensible strategy - regardless of your business's current liquidity situation.