Execution of a will


Thinking about the topics death and inheritance early on is important for many reasons. Ideally, the testator should make arrangements for the distribution of assets before passing away, in order to prevent drawn-out and expensive legal disputes among heirs.

It is advisable for the testator and the potential heirs to discuss the issue and reach agreements, which can then be recorded in the will. Seeking advice early on is also indispensable in order to make the most of the fiscal scope for action.

In accordance with German inheritance law, a testator can also choose his or her own order of succession in addition to the legal order of succession, and also define the shares of inheritance when bequeathing to more than one heir. Apart from general stipulations as well as provisions on how to separate the estate, it is also possible to specify provisional heirs and remaindermen. In this case, the testator stipulates one or more persons, who are the first to receive the inheritance and must later pass it on to other heirs.

The task of our experts is to fulfill the requirements of the testator and the community of heirs to the fullest possible extent, and at the same time to find the most favorable tax option. That is another reason why it is important to set the course and make all the necessary arrangements during the testator's lifetime.

Especially for family-run businesses, inheritance tax is a key issue that also needs to be examined within the framework of business consultancy together with plans for succession. Our comprehensive advice from a holistic point of view takes into account all the necessary aspects, so that your business is ideally prepared for succession.