Consultancy for business founders

Founding a business requires making a series of crucial decisions that can have a profound effect on your company's success. That is why we will go into detail when advising you on starting a company: What is the best way to launch a business idea on the market? Which risks must be prevented at all costs? How can the fiscal situation be taken into account when founding the company?

Our experts will create a custom-tailored concept for each individual company, regardless of its size. All areas of operation will be taken into account. Apart from fiscal aspects, issues pertaining to social security law and commercial law also play an important role, of course. Together with our attorney partners, we will identify the legal entity that is right for you and make the process of founding your company efficient and practicable.

We will also continue to provide advice and support once you have successfully started your new business: from setting up an accounting system and generating pay slips and salary statements, to filing monthly tax returns and having our attorney partners draw up contracts.

Furthermore, our consultancy service for company founders takes care of calculating the business's liquidity, performing target/performance analyses and implementing many more measures that are vital for your company's success. With our support, your newly founded company will become a sustainable business that is fit for the future.