Starting a new business

In order for your newly founded company to become a sustainable and successful business, our experts will continue to provide advice and support even after the company has been set up. Now it is important to establish an effective bookkeeping system, securing the business's success with efficient cost accounting and fulfilling the monthly tax obligations.

Whether you would like us to help you set up an accounting system for your company, or whether you prefer to place this task entirely in our experienced hands: by calculating the liquidity and performing target/performance analyses, we can warn you of any potential problems early on and help you increase your business's earning power.

Once the most important structures are in place and have stood the test in day-to-day operations, we will work together with you to define medium- and long-term goals. Do you need financing? What is a realistic growth rate? How can investments be offset against taxes? Together we will answer these and many more questions based on your specific business needs, so that your company remains strong and successful.